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IDX Casino Products
RFID Cashless Payment, Coin Acceptors, Craps Display

No More Coins, Cards, Or Tickets...                     
          Move Credit, Track Players With Wickets!

A Wicket is a Player Tracking ID, it is an Electronic Funds Account ID, and it is an Employee ID.
A Wicket is a passive (no batteries, no buttons) RFID (radio frequency identification) transponder having an embedded microchip and antenna for wireless communication from which a unique serial number (one of 281,475 Billion different serial numbers) and other stored encrypted information can be read. When a player brings a Wicket within about 1/2 inch from a Reader, its transponder circuitry is powered up by the energy in the RF field and it transmits its unique serial number and other requested information to the Reader. A Wicket can be in the form of a keyfob, a credit card, or custom die cut into any shape with any graphics that may suit your marketing requirements. It is easily attached to a key ring or neck lanyard for security.

Craps Table Display

Now Anyone Can Follow The Game...
...And See If They Are Feeling Lucky!

The model CTD-711 Craps Table Display provides craps players with a detailed view of the dice roll history, including: the last 28 numbers rolled, the current point, prior points, change in shooter, and winning rolls! The Craps Table Display is a large 23" LCD display mounted on a 6' toll steel pole. It is positioned behind the boxman so everyone at the table and in the aisle can see the display. As has long been demonstrated at roulette tables, displaying chronological play history actually attracts more players to the table, which is a good thing for table revenue. Players get excited when certain patterns develop and believe that it will help them place a better bet for the next roll.

High Security Multi-Coin Acceptors
When it comes to security and acceptance performance, IDX Xeptors offer the highest performance in the gaming industry for both casino tokens and government currency. X-Mark Xeptors read optical codes minted into the surface of the coin. X-Metal Xeptors utilize multi-frequency inductive sensor technology to distinguish the clad metal security layering of government currency. All Xeptors separately read both the edge and center metal alloy of bi-metal coins, and measure the diameter with 0.005" resolution.  It is this technology that provides casinos with the highest possible security against counterfeiting and cross play. But, this is only the start of the long list of exceptional performance measures of the IDX family of Xeptors. Click the X-10 and X-20 buttons on the left side of this page to learn about their incredible acceptance speed, self tuning technology and other features that really are important to operating a first class casino.

Minted Facet Codes


High Security Encoded Tokens
With optical facets minted into the surface of the token at specific compound angles, X-Mark tokens and Xeptors provide the ultimate in casino token security.   X-Mark tokens and Xeptors have stopped both slugging and crossplay dead in their tracks in hundreds of casinos all over the world. Our partner, Osborne Coinage of Cincinnati, Ohio, is exclusively licensed under the IDX patents to manufacture X-Mark tokens. 

We Have What You Need For Tokenization.
What's So Great About Tokenization? Tokenization solves the nickel hopper fill problem, simplifies counting and sorting equipment, simplifies overall slot machine coin handling hardware, substitutes economical tokens for big bucks locked up in your hoppers and hard count, and allows your players to have the  excitement of hearing the cold hard cash drop into the tray! When it is time for tokenization, think X-Mark security tokens. With all of your machines using a single token, it is even more important to secure it from counterfeiting with X-Mark.


Security Enhancing Accessories.
While optical codes and a highly discriminating coin acceptor may do well at stopping the threat from outside, the threat from inside must be addressed as well. The IDX X-Key electronic security key and the X-Tracker software utility allow you to control access to coin acceptor programming and track when an who last accessed and modified the coin programming of an Xeptor. 

Productivity Enhancing Accessories.
Coin Selectors allow you to change the acceptance parameters in a coin acceptor at the press of a button. They were designed to save time and reduce errors in programming large numbers of Xeptors without sacrificing either acceptance or security performance. In addition to downloading preset coin types the Copy&Clone feature allows you to press a button to copy coin signatures from a manually programmed Xeptor into the Coin Selector, and then clone other coin acceptors.

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 IDX, X-Mark, X-Metal, H-Mark, Xeptor, XactData

Wickets, Table-Tracker, X-Tracker, X-Key, Xaminer, Personality Plug


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