How To Order

From The OEM:
At the time you place an order for a slot machine, video lottery machine, or an amusement game, it is best to specify IDX with the order so that the machines come with Xeptors factory installed. A factory installed unit will have the proper mounting brackets, coin heads, and connector plugs, and will have been pre-tested in the factory to ensure it is mechanically aligned and otherwise functional with the machine. It is common for OEM's to install the lowest cost coin acceptor as their standard in order to help improve their bottom line price... but if you really want to avoid taking slugs or crossplay tokens, then just tell them you want IDX installed at the factory. You will need to tell the OEM what coins and tokens you plan to use. Be sure to specify the X-10 or X-60 for highest security with tokens, and the X-20 Series for highest security with government issued coins.

From The Factory:
Security tokens are ordered direct from the factory. Our trained field salesmen will help you configure your order for the metal alloy, the X-Mark code, and minted or holographic artwork. Xeptors may also be ordered directly from the factory for field upgrades or spares. There are a few options in the configuration of an Xeptor that must be worked through before placing an order. The order sheets below will help you through the configuration process, and as always, our sales team stands ready to help you figure out which Xeptor goes with what machine for the coins/tokens you are using.

Ordering Information In PDF Format