Coin Programming Xeptors

Coin Learn Procedure

1.   Slide the front cover up and identify the three controls to be used in this procedure:

a.) The "test" push button near center bottom. (used to input the number of credit pulses)

b.) 16 position rotary switch to the right of the push-button. (#0 is normal RUN position, #1-#6 are for learning each of 6 possible coin types that can be accepted)

c.) LED indicator half way up on the right side. (Green in RUN mode, red in LEARN mode)

2.  Turn the rotary switch to one of the LEARN positions #1-#6 (for example, pick #3 for learning the 3rd coin type) and observe the LED turns red to indicate it is now ready to learn.

3.  Push the test button once for each credit pulse you wish to have issued for this coin. For example, a $1 coin would require 4 credit pulses if you are also accepting $0.25 coins for one credit pulse. Note: With V3.0-t or and V4.0 firmware, only a single credit and sense pulse will be produced no matter how many times you push the button. Contact the factory if you require multiple pulses for your application.

4.   Slide the cover back on the unit to make sure outside light is does not interfere with the sensors.

5.  Show the unit 6 samples of the coin by depositing them into the acceptor as usual. It is best to use 6 different coins since there are typically slight variations from coin-to-coin.

6  After the 6th sample coin is deposited, the LED will flash red-green a few times to indicate the LEARN procedure is complete and the coin parameters are stored in memory.

7.  Slide the front cover open again and turn the rotary switch back to position #0 and observe the LED turning green. Check that you have not accidentally turned it too far to position #15 which is a field test function position, in which it will not accept coins.

8.   Slide the front cover back down and you should now be able to accept the new coin.


Coin Un-Learn Procedure

1.   Slide the front cover up and turn the rotary switch to the coin #  position you wish to UN-LEARN.

2.   Push the test button once to initiate the LEARN sequence.

3.  Turn the rotary switch back to position #0 without depositing any coins to signal the unit that you wish it to erase the parameters for this coin. The LED will flash red-green to indicate completion.

4.   Slide the front cover back down.