SmartMark & IDX
The SmartMark optically encoded casino tokens were originally  licensed under IDX patents for manufacture by The Olde Philadelphia Mint, which was acquired by Roger Williams Mint in 1998, which in turn was acquired by Osborne Coinage in 2006. Osborne coinage now provides the market with both Smart Mark and X-Mark tokens.

The Intelligent Comparator for reading SmartMark is licensed under IDX patents for manufacture by Coin Mechanisms.
In most cases IDX  X-Mark Xeptors configured for reading 90 degree code angels can be used for acceptance of SmartMark tokens. Contact IDX if you are interested in using X-Mark Xeptors with SmartMark tokens that you already have or plan to purchase. Compatibility can be assured for new orders when discussed prior to manufacture of the tokens. Compatibility for existing tokens is quite likely, but will depend on how worn the SmartMark facets are in addition to other possible details of the facet construction. With a few sample tokens we can asses existing token compatibility.

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