TITO With Tokenization Is Best

 Slot Players Want: Small Coins Coinless TITO  Tokenization TITO & Tokenization
 No Hopper Fill Delays Many Very Good Fewer Very Good
 No Coin Dust, Clean Hands Dirty Very Good Cleaner Very Good
 Free Drink Service Very Good Not Happening Very Good Good
 The Midas Feel Of Coins Very Good No, Like Internet Very Good Your Choice
 Hearing Real Coins Payout Very Good No, Like Internet Very Good Your Choice

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We Have What You Need !

   4 We Have Secure Tokens
When it is time for tokenization, think security tokens. With all of your machines using a single token, it is even more important to secure them from counterfeiting. We have an X-Mark optical code just waiting for you so your tokens can be safe from both counterfeiting and crossplay.

4 We Have Hologram Tokens
When slot players walk off with these beauties as souvenirs, they become high margin sales for the casino, and the name of your casino is on display every time they show it off. Hologram tokens can be salted in the hoppers and even played on the tables. They can even have an X-Mark optical code minted into them for security.

4 We Have Secure Coin Acceptors
Our X-Mark Xeptors have field proven themselves as second to none in the industry for securing slot machines against taking both slugs and crossplay tokens. X-Mark Xeptors not only verify the minted optical code, but they read diameter to .005" resolution to prevent coin shaving scams, and they check the metal alloy at both the edge and center of the coin.